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ALLANTÉ LIMOUSINE’s Services Include Transportation to and from the Dorval and Mirabel Airports

Whether you live in the city or elsewhere in the greater Montreal area, our drivers are courteous, professional, and punctual. They will be more than happy to drive you from your office or home to the airport. Leave the traffic up to us. Take advantage of the comfort you’ll enjoy in one of our limos and relax before work!

  Airport Service

  • Your driver will wait for you at the airport limousine and taxi dispatch counter.

  • Your driver will be more than happy to carry your luggage.

  • Our terminal service is fast, which means you’ll be able to leave the airport right away. All of our business clients are treated to VIP service at all times.

  • At your request, your driver can assist you to make sure you are on time in the event of an important business meeting.

  • Based on your airline’s schedule, our drivers always make sure to be on site 30 minutes before your arrival. 

  • Our limo drivers will be notified of your return 30 minutes before your flight lands.

  • You must notify Allanté Limousine of any airport pickup cancellations at least 45 minutes in advance. If you fail to show up, the trip will still be charged.

  • Arrivals are checked every 30 minutes.

  • All of our vehicles are equipped with a cell phone. Additional fees apply.

  • To cancel a reservation for services scheduled to last 3 hours or more, Allanté Limousine requires 24 hours' notice. Deposits are not refundable.

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